Meal Plan Change Form

Lees-McRae Dining provides the convenience, flexibility, quality, value, and healthy options you deserve. Students who live on-campus will be automatically signed up for the Unlimited Access Meal Plan. The Unlimited Access Meal Plan provides ultimate flexibility and variety when dining on campus. We recognize that some students may need dietary accommodations or require a medical or religious exemption to ensure a great experience at Lees-McRae. To request an accommodation or exemption, please complete the form below:




Meal Plan Change Options

Please select one of the three options below and complete any additional selections if available. 

  1. Change plan to Weekly 14 (Juniors and Seniors only)
    • 14 meals per week at The Summit, with $550 of declining balance dollars per semester

  2. Request Dietary Accommodations
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    • Gluten-free
    • Sugar-free
    • Special diet
    • Other accommodation

  3. Request an Exemption
    • Medical
    • Religious
    • Unable to accommodate dietary needs
Select the one that applies:*
Specify Dietary Accommodation:*
Specify Exemption:*


Personal Statement

Please provide a typed personal statement that can further support your reasoning behind wanting a change in your current meal plan. This will go along with your additional documentation. 


Medical Justification

Documentation from a licensed health care provider is needed when applying for a meal plan change for medical reasons. This health care provider must state why the Dining Hall is not satisfactory for your health. A written statement from a licensed health care provider does not guarantee the student will receive a meal plan exemption. This documentation should be attached to your application. 

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Religious Justification

What recognized religion do you practice? What are dietary restrictions for practicing this religion? How long (for what time period, if limited to a finite set of time) are these dietary restrictions in place? 

Attached any additional documentation:
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All forms will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs, Dining Services, and essential campus partners to provide the best support for students and requests. 

  • Please note that a kitchen within the residential space alone will not meet the criteria for a meal plan exemption.
  • You are responsible for any meal plan charges on your student account until an exemption is granted.
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